The end of the year is usually a time of peace, in which we give a major importance to family life and think about our close future. But this year, I challenge you to do more than that. I am asking you to push for more in this new year, to live better with yourself and be happy, because the acceptance of self (and feeling good about it) is a giant step towards a better relationship with the ones we love.

First off, you need to make peace with your past aswell as not allow it to affect your present. Do not keep old grudges and discomforts that ruin this time of love. Accept what happened and assume it as a lesson for your future. Look to that person who hurt you, talk about what happened and apologize if necessary. Do not forget: usually, a mistake is not committed by just one person. Besides, reconnecting with people you haven’t seen for a long time increases your social relationships and makes you feel better and more confident about yourself.

Although, you should not allow other people to become the center of your life or the motor which moves you. You need to notice that not everyone will always be there for you, or be willing to help out, actually sometimes quite the opposite… In a time where you may be desperately looking for something that give you confidence, motives you to fight and hope for victory, it is important you keep in mind: what others think of you, is not your problem.

Each human being is unique in his own way, it’s the result of a life story, of tears and smiles, sufferings and joys just lived by himself. Do not ever, compare yourself with others, you may never know the situations they went through and thus never understand their full reality. We pretty much only really know ourselves, so, do not presume or judge who’s around you, and ignore derogatory judgments from others who only seek to hurt you.

All of us have that difficult moment, when we feel down and we let the most ridiculous situations affect us in a very powerful way. We need to let time do its work and heal our wounds. Accept your mistakes, and the others’ as life lessons and let time pass. It helps us to move on. And above all, remember, no one is responsible for your happiness but yourself. We could have the support of family and friends, but no one will fight for us, the same way we would. So, do not blame others for your failures neither believe that everything you did right was just because of them. We all have our value, you just need determination and courage to show yours to the world.

Our world is complex and sometimes we are faced with obstacles in any situation, so don’t overthink it, or you would be looking for solutions to problems which weren’t there to begin with. There’s nothing wrong in not knowing all the answers, just be confident, let time flow, and sooner or later, you will find your way.

And ultimately, smile! A lot! Take the best of this new year. Spend good moments with your family, hang out with your friends and, at least once a week take a moment to yourself, where you throw all your problems behind your back and just smile. How about naming it ‘smiling day’?

Being happy only depends on the way you face life and it requires from you even less effort than you would usually think.

Ki Magazine – no.9
January 2014


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