COUNSELLING: what is it? What’s its purpose?

Nowadays, life seems to become harder and harder. Too much work, too many decisions to make, too much stress, too much… life. As soon as we grow up, a lot of responsibilities fall to us, and every step we take seems like the most defining one in our life. Everything needs to be managed, and quickly, since the world doesn’t wait for us, life is always running and we fear taking the wrong decision might end all possibilities of one day reaching our dreams.

Although, these difficulties are, in truth, just modern life in a high speed world. We can’t always manage that so easily and time seems to run away from us. We can’t always count on our friends because they have their own problems and concerns so… what is left?

About fifty years ago, some american therapists started to develop a new way of intervention, based off of advising and helping people through the establishment of a relationship (in the absence of a psychopathology). It became known as: counselling. This technique started to expand in Europe in the 70’s and has become more and more useful in our days, due to the fact that it’s not only for psychiatric patients, but also for the common citizen (healthy and psychologically stable).

Thus, counsellings’ first goal is, just as the name says: giving advice. It helps people to make their own decisions, dealing with their failures and even their successes, manage their frustrations and learn how to manage their potential to take the right path for themselves.

The moment you go on counselling you could expect some guidance, not only on the matters that took you there, but in a wider sense. It will help you to develop your inner resources (both emotional and psychological) and your resilience (inner capacity of human being to deal with adversity), having as a final goal an improvement of your relationships and quality of life.

So, the counsellor grants you with significant support, either in the form of acceptance or listening, aswell as giving you professional advice, leading you to better help yourself. In other words, he is going to help you develop your abilities and coping mechanisms (which means, you’ll develop strategies to deal with situations involving damage, threats or challenges).

The main asset of this technique is, naturally, the communication, increasingly lost in our crazy society, where time is a powerful dictator and competitiveness runs over our welfare and our liberty.


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