As my first post, and because it’s a cheerful theme, I chose this article, which I published at Ki Magazine a year ago.

The secret for a good life is in everyone’s mouth: being optimistic. Then, pops the question: what does it mean to be an optimistic person?

Everyone knows the metaphor of the glass half full, glass half empty, but what about if it is completely empty? Being optimistic would be… what? Saying that it is full of air? Is it possible to be optimistic when your all life is falling apart?

The answer is yes. Back to our glass of water metaphor, being optimistic isn’t related with the amount of water in it, but with our perceived skills to fill it up.

Being optimistic isn’t ignoring our failures. Actually, it’s the other way around. We need to face it and be more aware of ourselves and find a nice balance which will help us extract the best of ourselves.

Facing reality also provides us with the ability to get a certain quality of life. If we are in pain, if our life isn’t what we want at all, we cannot simply pretend that nothing is happening or wait for some external change which will solve our issues.

No! All of us are solely responsible for fighting for the changes we want to see happen. Being optimistic is fighting for what we want, it’s being disappointed or failing sometimes and yet… do not quit.

The optimists also cry, they punch walls, they feel like giving up, but then, they move forward, with the certainty that they will be able to do what they want. Because they believe in themselves.

The optimist doesn’t always knows the right path, he just feels that it exists and he never stops looking for it.

Ki Magazine – no. 8
(Published in November, 2013)


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