When you´re talking about psychoanalysis, you’re referring to a very wide theoretical current with different schools and different basic principles, however, all of them have a common ground: the unconscious.

In psychoanalysis, the group therapist should have a fairly comprehensive background and he should build upon it, creating his own way of working with the group, keeping his focus on the real people in front of him, at every turn.

The duration and goals underlying the therapy are way too different according to the specific group and the way in which the therapist manages along with the expectations of its members. The group’s goal can be quite different from group to group as well, and very often, group therapy is the only possible choice due to an array of financial reasons (as it’s more accessible and affordable, being cheaper than individual therapy).

The therapy’s goal can be the development of insight, due to changes in the individual, as well as, the simple treatment or relieving of symptoms. Many people look for psychoanalytic therapy as a way of finding their own balance and improving interpersonal relationships.

Psychoanalytic therapy, especially the group therapy, has had a great evolution in the way it faces the current, modern day society. Nowadays, the individual problems go way past simple conflicts between people’s drives and some defense mechanisms. Each one of us is forced to play roles and assume positions in modern life that become a requirement with which we must deal.

The group will help each one of its elements develop a harmonious relationship with the demands that they have to face, taking into account the society where they are inserted.



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