Despite the title of this very post, in psychoanalysis you can’t exactly speak of healing, only of some changes to the psyche. These changes are the main goal of psychoanalytic group therapy.

First of all, group therapy intends to develop the patient’s communication and interaction skills, without losing all of the necessary boundaries. It will provide them with the possibility to develop a sense of belonging, a group sense if you will, which helps them improve by decreasing their paranoid and depressive anxieties.

It’s important that the patients develop a sense of individual identity, as well as a social or group identity, helping them find their own independence and develop a positive relationship with the identification models. This will give them the ability to deal with new situations, as with wins and losses.

The psychoanalytic group therapy also intends to lead a patient to a proper use of his projective identifications, which means, it tries to limit the amount in which a patient tends to distort the signals he receives from others, thus being much more likely to be able to create empathy and have the ability to put himself in other people’s shoes.

And of course, as we are speaking of psychoanalysis, at the end of therapy, the patient should reveal some insight ability and be able to make, in group, some interpretative activity.


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