Group Therapy With Teenagers – Selection of Patients

When you are trying to create a therapy group with teenagers, the selection is made, actually, on a intuition basis. Usually you take into account the initial contact with the patient, his motive and why he would prefer a group therapy and the receptivity of the parents to this kind of treatment.

Despite that, you also need to separate them by ages or the group may not work. Usually, we provide this separation into three age groups: 13 to 15, 16 to 18 and within the last one we find the late teenagers, with 19 years old and more (you can form a group with early twenties here, the only concern is the maturity of all the members, so that the group can work).

The gender is also an important point and question. When you are talking about teenagers, the group should be, definitely, mixed. However, it’s hard to find the exact number of both sexes when creating a group. In fact, the distribution is:
– 13 to 15 years old: majority of patients are boys
– 16 to 18 years old: It’s in this age group that you find more balance, and both genres look for group therapy.
– 19 and above:there is a major difference with more women looking for that kind of therapy.

Finally, you should to be careful when trying to put together a group, it’s very counterproductive to reunite patients with the same defensive techniques. Intellectualization, for example, is quite common in adolescence and you should pay attention to it.


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